Our Organization

Robert G. Hoffman Productions LLC (“RGHP”) was founded June 1, 2001 as a Performing Arts company. RGHP’s initial purpose was to carry out the operational activities in producing and staging the ballet Pater Olympian in Russia - which it successfully did in December 2002. Its sister company, Robert G. Hoffman Inc. (“RGHI”) was founded December 5, 1995. RGHI’s purpose has been to offer the financial and general business consulting services of Robert G. Hoffman (“RGH”). RGHI has had a number of different clients in the world of business. In June 2001 RGHP became one of those clients – with RGHP requesting the consulting services of RGHI to investigate and advise RGHP in regard to producing and staging Pater Olympian in Russia.

RGH has been the Managing Member of RGHP from its founding and he has also been by far its principal investor. RGH invited a number of other investors to join as non-voting Members but RGH’s financial ownership in RGHP has always been well over 90%. As to RGHI, RGH has always been the President and its 100% owner. From their respective foundings, RGH has been the Chief Executive Officer of both RGHP and RGHI. RGHP and RGHI currently do not have any employees but instead they engage the services of consultants to assist in their activities.

From time to time, RGHP, RGHI and RGH also seek advice from Senior Advisors. These Senior Advisors are: Eugene Arievich – Attorney – Principal – Baker & McKenzie CIS Limited (Moscow), Nadia Goreslavskaya – Attorney – Associate – Baker & McKenzie CIS Limited (Moscow), Lewis R. Cowan – Founding Attorney and (presently) Senior Counsel – Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C. (New York, NY), Robert W. Clarida – Attorney – Partner – Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C. (New York, NY), Robert J. Giordanella – Attorney – Partner – Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman, P.C. (New York, NY), Anthony M. Spota – Certified Public Accountant (Oyster Bay, NY), Jonathan K. Jaffe – Internet Marketing Advisor – Founding Owner - www.its-your-internet.com (Forest Hills, NY).

In the future RGHP will continue to act as a “Production” company and RGHI will continue to act as a “Business and Financial Consulting” company. Therefore, RGHI will do the investigations and evaluations of the Projects on behalf of RGHP while RGHP will be the Producer. These Projects can include the ballet sequel to Pater Olympian, a Documentary, a Book, a Website and the like…Projects requiring “production.” If financial investments in real art are contemplated, such investments would likely be under the umbrella of RGHI or even under RGH personally.

The key thing to remember is that RGHP, RGHI and RGH all want the same thing…that is to advance cultural and artistic activities (in the performing arts or otherwise) cross-culturally in Russia, the United States and in other areas of the developed world. Revenues derived from these Projects would be shared appropriately in accordance with the respective contributions of RGHP, RGHI and RGH in the respective Projects. Each of the parties permits the other parties the right to use its Content. For example, RGH personally owns the copyright of the Blue Book, but permits RGHP and RGHI to use the Blue Book as may be needed or useful in their activities.

RGHP and RGHI are “for-profit” enterprises and as such endeavor to profit from their activities. Such profit serves to facilitate the ability of the enterprises in successfully broadening their respective cultural and artistic activities.

The offices of RGHP and RGHI are located at 116 Whitson Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375-6855.
The office telephone number is (718) 793-7787. The office fax number is (718) 793-6970.
The e-mail address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .