Friends of the Project

Beginning in 2009 or even earlier, Bob Hoffman could clearly see that the future growth of the artistic Projects of Robert G. Hoffman Productions including the development of the Sequel to the ballet Pater Olympian would require the assistance of a new group of interested individuals to take part in it. Beginning back in October 2000 and through the staging of the production of Pater Olympian in December 2002, there had been a group of 3 or 4 young Russian women who while attending university in Moscow assisted Bob and Helen (Elena) Roudneva ("Artistic Team" and Chief Consultant – Russia) in carrying out activities of all kinds – sometimes artistic in nature but more often operational and administrative matters. Beginning in 2003, these young women, although they still are our close friends have moved on to other careers.

In December 2002, Tanya Konstantinova ("Artistic Team" and Chief Consulting Artist) attended the World Premiere performance of Pater Olympian and in January 2003 became an active member of the "Artistic Team." Helen Roudneva of course has continued her responsibilities.

Now that the creation of the Sequel to Pater Olympian is underway, it has become clear that assistance will be required in many areas. This has been made even clearer after Bob’s visits in September 2011 to the Art and Culture Centers of St. Petersburg and Paris (indirectly also to London) – where several individuals have shown serious interest in the Project and want to have a part in its future…thereby spreading the Project’s activities into those great Centers.

Accordingly, a new Group has been formed – to be called "Friends of the Project" – interested individuals of all ages and varied interests and who have expressed their sincere desire to participate in the future of the Project. Some are artistically oriented – others are fascinated and simply want to belong to the Project and have expressed their desire to help in any way they can that their education or experience will lead them – such as in the needed area of marketing but also in administration or various other business activities requiring assistance.

"Friends of the Project" will likely become a larger group over time. We will indicate their names and Mini-Biographies in this Article and in time hopefully add their photos as well.

We wish all of these new "Friends" good luck and look forward to their helpful participation.


Following are Mini-Biographies of the "Friends of the Project"

Jessica Wax-Edwards

Born April 12th 1990 in Greater London, I have lived in various corners of the earth including North America and Western Europe. Nevertheless I still consider Wiltshire, in the British countryside, as home.

In June 2012 I expect to complete my final year at Royal Holloway, University of London, where I’ve been studying for a BA in French & Spanish. I have also studied at L'Université Paris VII, Diderot in Paris, and La Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico. I’m interested in international politics, translation and marketing and am currently considering a postgraduate qualification within these domains, ideally in France or Spain.

Coming from a very theatrical background I’ve always been interested in the arts, particularly classical and contemporary ballet. I’ve also been influenced by my mother and grandmother’s love of classical music. It’s for these reasons that I was immediately fascinated by both Bob Hoffman and Pater Olympian. His passion for the project shone through and is most certainly passed onto anyone he speaks to about it. We met in September 2011 in a hotel in central Paris, where I was working over the summer to improve my French skills and without a doubt the few times I managed to chat with him were some of the most engaging moments I had there. Not only do I consider the project something completely original but it is clearly very personal and I regard it as a privilege to be able to be associated with both Bob and Pater Olympian in any way.

Daria Varvarina

My name is Daria Varvarina. I was born on the 18th of April 1991 in the city of Lipetsk, Russia. At the age of 6 my parents brought me to Moscow where I have lived ever since.

In 2008 I started to study at RGUTIS university at the faculty – tourism and hospitality business. My first job experience was in May 2010 at an HR agency as a secretary assistant. After that in October 2010 I started to work in Hotel Moscow Marriott Tverskaya at the Transportation Desk. That’s how I met Bob Hoffman who stayed there in April 2011. During Bob’s stay in Moscow we met and spoke a lot in the hotel and he told me about his Project. I searched the website and learned a lot of interesting details about Pater Olympian and how the Project had started and its development over the years. Despite the fact that I’m not a dancer and until then had not paid too much attention to this kind of art, from the website and my conversations with Bob I could see that it’s something great and amazing and I wanted to take a part in it. At first I hesitated because I was a little shy but after a few months I accepted Bob’s invitation to be a Friend of the Project…and I’m glad I did.

In the future, besides participating in the Project I hope to get a second education like the MBA in Moscow and make a career in the sphere of marketing.

Olga Koshutskaya

My name is Olga Koshutskaya. I was born in Leningrad, USSR on 19 August 1974. In 1991 our city was renamed – now it is called St. Petersburg. I have been living in this city all my life.

From 1991-1996, I was a student at St. Petersburg State University, department of Russian language and literature. Beginning in 1999 until now I have worked as a tour guide and interpreter in St. Petersburg. I am married, have one child – a daughter 13 years old.

My first telephone conversation with Robert Hoffman was in 2006 when he was planning a trip to St. Petersburg, but sadly it didn’t happen. My first meeting with Bob, his wife Linda and their friends was in September 2011. We spent a lovely time (one week) in St. Petersburg.

I am ready to do all my best to help Robert with his project, as it is really amazing – I have never met such an inspired and open person. Bob loves what he is doing and gave a wonderful feeling to us all. I see how this project is important. I believe it will make the world better and I am proud to be part of it.

Ekaterina Belova

My name is Ekaterina Belova. I was born in Moscow on the 18th of September 1992.

In my early childhood from 4 to 8 years old I was living with my parents in the city of Bogota, Colombia. There started my acquaintance with the world of the ballet, the classical music and the Spanish language and Latin-American culture. I started my studies in the ballet school (which was founded by a Russian ballerina) and after three years I participated in the Ballet “Nutcracker.”

When I was eight years old we came back to Moscow, Russia. Here I continued my studies. I have finished the musical school (named after Beethoven) and the ballet school. Now, oblivious to the fact I finished these studies, I find myself very interested in classical music and ballet.

I am now a third year student at Moscow State University (Lomonosov Moscow University) in the faculty of Geography in the department of Social and Economic Geography of Foreign Countries. My scientific interests especially are urban space, human and cultural geography.

How did I meet Bob Hoffman? I am a niece of Helen Roudneva (who is perhaps one of the greatest persons for the Project here in Russia). Helen introduced us to each other in May of 2010 during a Reception in Moscow at which the great presentation of the DVD “Pater Olympian” took place.

It is really a new dimension for me to become a “Friend of the Project” and I will do my best to help the Project successfully develop in the future.