Investment Opportunities

Robert G. Hoffman Productions LLC (“RGHP” or the “Company”), a Limited Liability Company, was founded in New York State on June 1, 2001. From its initial founding and to the present, Robert G. Hoffman (“RGH”) has been Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. From RGHP’s initial founding, RGH has personally owned well over 90% of the total ownership units issued by the Company including 100% of its voting ownership units. All other Members of the Company have owned non-voting ownership units exclusively.

Because this is an early release of the comprehensive updated website of RGHP, it is too soon for the Company to consider taking a decision to offer the opportunity to invest in the Company. There are a number of Projects that RGHP intends to launch in the next few years (See “Upcoming Projects”). As these or other Projects evolve and RGHP believes investors might find these Projects interesting and RGHP also believes it to be prudent under the circumstances at the time to invite other investors to make an investment in the Company, it would make an announcement to this effect in this section (“Investment Opportunities”) of the RGHP website.

Therefore, we invite you to visit us here from time to time to learn more in this regard.