The Ballet

PATER OLYMPIAN (Olympian Father) is a monumental classical story ballet – a ballet that tells the story of a father and his son each in his own time an Olympian champion at the Olympian Games of ancient Greece – a story ballet whose underlying theme is at the same time the triumph and greatness as well as the weakness and narcissism of man. The ballet story was authored and produced by Robert G. Hoffman of the United States of America.

The menu items in this section provide both a general overview as well as the details of the thought processes underlying the creation of the ballet. You will read and thereupon be able to conceptualize the story of the ballet on stage and learn how the staging of its World Premiere in Moscow in December 2002 was successfully accomplished despite the surrounding terrorist events that threatened to derail it on more than one occasion. You will also learn about the ballet’s unique choreographer and artistic director.

You will be able to view photos of everyone involved with the ballet project at the premiere celebration and also at the several reunion receptions held over the years which continue to reunite the many participants of the project - creative artists such as the choreographer and artistic director, performing artists such as our classical ballet Russian principal dancers and corps de ballet dancers…also theatre people and advisors, administrators, event coordinators and other colleagues involved with the project all of whose assistance was crucial in bringing about the artistic success of the project.

In addition you will be able to track the status of the planned sequel to PATER OLYMPIAN which when combined with the original one-act PATER OLYMPIAN is intended to become a full evening length performance in the theatre - to be known as PATER OLYMPIAN II.

And finally you will learn how to obtain a DVD copy of the ballet PATER OLYMPIAN and/or a copy of the so-called Blue Book, the soft cover blue binder housing the story – indeed the complete scenario - of the ballet in text form, and which explains the rationale why the ancient Olympian Games was selected as the background for the ballet and why the monumental and heroic Symphony #5 by Ludwig Van Beethoven was selected as the music for the ballet.