with its accompanying 3-page letter
about the Classical Story Ballet
Authored and Produced by Robert G. Hoffman


Throughout the various menu items in this website there are many references to the Blue Book and its accompanying 3-page letter. This webpage explains what the Blue Book is and how its accompanying 3-page letter bridges the time from September 1986 when the Blue Book was completed until December 2002 when the World Premiere of the ballet Pater Olympian took place.

The Blue Book houses the Story and Choreographic Outline of the ballet Pater Olympian in its original form – indeed the complete Scenario of the Story and the Ballet as authored by Robert G. Hoffman the owner of the copyright of the Story and its Scenario. The Blue Book starts by relating the entire Story in descriptive text form. Following that, it goes on to provide a comprehensive and finely detailed choreographic outline of the Story also in text form...with each segment of the outlined Story describing the steps and actions of the dancers acting out the Story by their very dancing and by the attitudes and emotions the dancers display throughout the Story in precise artistic timing with the music. In addition the Blue Book explains in depth why the Olympian Games of ancient Greece was an appropriate historical time and event for the background of the Ballet. It then goes on to provide the reasoning process underlying the rationale for the selection of the monumental and heroic Symphony No. 5 of Ludwig Van Beethoven as the music for the Ballet, the appropriateness thereof and its dance-ability.

The accompanying 3-page letter was written in March 2003, shortly after the ballet’s World Premiere in Moscow, Russia in December 2002. With the approval of Robert Hoffman in 1991 the Story was expanded to include an additional principal dancer as well as a Corps de Ballet. The 3-page letter explains this more fully. In addition, the 3-page letter describes the underlying theme of the Ballet - it provides a brief description of the Story itself and Robert Hoffman’s personal evaluation of what was accomplished and how he came to the conclusion that the Ballet should be staged in Russia.

The Blue Book has been described as a "Unique and Historical Piece of Art.” The Story of the Ballet was initially conceptualized in February 1985, it was completed in the Blue Book in September 1986…and more than 16 years later staged in Moscow in December 2002 - a rare and historical sequence of artistic events.

And now for the first time – in 2010 – 25 years after the Story’s original conceptualization in 1985, this unique and historical 44-page document – in a soft cover blue binder prepared by, personally signed by and given its unique number by its Author Robert G. Hoffman…the BLUE BOOK - is being offered for sale.