Because of the artistic success achieved in staging the World Premiere and the following performances of the ballet Pater Olympian in Moscow in December 2002, there has been great and in recent years increasing demand from its Russian Principal Dancers as well as from other advisors both in Russia and the United States for Bob Hoffman to write the Story of and arrange for choreography to be created for the Sequel to Pater Olympian…the Story for which has been running through, but changing and still developing in Bob’s mind since 2006.

The result of the combination of Pater Olympian (as it stands presently) and its Sequel will be a full-evening-length performance still to be known as PATER OLYMPIAN. The ballet will be recommended to be performed in its entire full-evening-length form…but also can be performed as two separate ballets: 1) Pater Olympian as it stands presently, and 2) the Sequel to Pater Olympian.

Pater Olympian is presently a one-act classical story ballet that takes place at the Olympian Games of ancient Greece in 680 B.C. Its stage duration is under 40 minutes. Its story depicts a monumental tragedy in a Greek Olympian family played out to the heroic music of Beethoven’s Symphony #5. The Sequel encompasses worldwide crises (the "Dark Period") that occur and that will have occurred at or soon after the present time (including the "Battle of the Gods") - and then mystically "jumps" at warp speed through endless eons of uncounted time to an undated and vastly different futuristic a colossal event that shall have become known as "The Games of Elysium." The combination completes the story of the one-act Pater Olympian, becoming a full-evening-length performance in the Theatre. The Story and Scenario of the Sequel will be housed in what shall be known as the Green Book.

Based upon conclusions reached after extraordinary endless hours of discussion, planning the details and reviewing DVDs during 3 days of non-stop meetings between Bob Hoffman and his friend and advisor Elizabeth ("Liz") Claire Walker in Boston in late July 2011, Liz prepared a rough preliminary outline of the many steps that need to be taken to create and complete the Sequel. The Story of the Sequel includes a startling and revolutionary new theme (confidential) for a Classical Story Ballet. The new theme was conceptualized by Bob and will be the leading centerpiece of the choreography to be carried out in the real performance on stage.

A newly created futuristic modern style of Classical Ballet choreography and related costuming is to be conceptualized and recommended by a Pater Olympian Sequel advisory committee composed of Julie Petry (see "Artistic Team") and Liz. Bob requires the Sequel to remain Classical in choreographic and costuming style, yet the style must be appropriate for the futuristic time. The final decision on the selected choreographic and costuming styling shall remain with Bob. The all-important and varied component pieces of classical music to fit a futuristic choreography style have recently been selected. The costumes are likely to be designed in the United States but the designs are likely to be reviewed and samples made up by costume makers in Moscow. The Sequel’s choreographer has not yet been selected…but the choreography is likely to be created and rehearsals conducted in both the United States and in Moscow – with the final rehearsed and choreographed story made ready for production in Moscow after having been carefully preserved on high quality video masters.

The completion date of the choreographed Sequel is planned to be September 2012.