The “Author’s Summary”

I’m Bob Hoffman, Author and Producer of the ballet “Pater Olympian,” and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of those individuals connected with the planning and the production of the World Premiere of Pater Olympian at the Russian State Academic Youth Theatre in Moscow on December 6, 2002 (the “Project”). These individuals are creative artists such as the Choreographer and Artistic Director and performing artists such as our classical ballet dancers. And they are also advisors, administrators, event coordinators or other colleagues involved with the Project…and we have tried to include at least one photo of every one of these individuals somewhere in the menu links below.

In “Principal Dancers - World Premiere” there are a few photos of each of the five Principal Dancers in Pater Olympian (all of whom are Russian) indicating their respective leading roles in the World Premiere, and describing their backgrounds and the honors they have achieved in their successful dancing careers.

Following that, in “Dress Rehearsal” there are a few selected photos of the creative and performing artists that were taken at the final Dress Rehearsal in the Theatre the day before the Premiere.

Following that, there are a good many photos of all of the individuals involved in the Project – and some close friends - appearing in the Celebration on December 9, 2002 of the ballet’s World Premiere, and in the three subsequent Reunion Receptions in January 2004, September 2005 and September 2008.

And finally, in “Principal Colleagues” are the photos and names of my colleagues (as well as a description of their participation in the activities of Robert G. Hoffman Productions) who have tirelessly devoted themselves in Moscow beginning October 2000 to make the Project a resounding artistic success.

The point I would like to make is although the staging of Pater Olympian consisted until now of only one series of five performances (December 6 to December 8, 2002), all those who were a part of it in any way – even years later - never fail to rejoin together as a family every time there is the opportunity to do so. This speaks to the mutual respect and fondness all participants in the Project have for one another.

Now I trust you can understand the reason for my gratitude and why the participants in the Project have for several years been calling upon me to write the sequel to Pater Olympian.

We shall see.

Thank you – and I hope you enjoy the photos.