Dress Rehearsal


Vitaly Breusenko – Principal Dancer – World Premiere – Zeus resting before giving his instructions to Athena

Madame Phyllis Latin, former American prima ballerina - choreographer and artistic director of Pater Olympian – working out differing choreographic ideas with Natalya Chekhovskaya, Principal Dancer – World Premiere, in role of Athena

Emiko Miyamoto – Japanese dancer of Phyllis Latin Dance Company – Principal Dancer in role of Athena – resting while waiting for her turn on stage

Darya (Dasha) Lyakisheva – in role of Fury of Jealousy – Dasha is a fast rising star in Russian ballet

Principal Dancers – World Premiere, From left to right on stage – Vasily Polushin (Diagoras of Rhodes, Pater Olympian, the father), Natalya Chekhovskaya (Athena), Maksim Gerasimov (Dorieus, the son) and Anzhelika Tagirova (Callipateira, the mother) – a moment of reconciliation before the thunderstorm

Madame Latin giving finishing touch to the costume of Maksim Gerasimov (Dorieus, the son)

The backdrop of the stage - depicting ancient Greek scenery with Mount Olympus (and Temple of Zeus) at which the ballet Pater Olympian unfolds