First Reunion Reception held January 25, 2004 at Hotel Marriott Tverskaya in Moscow

Bob Hoffman letting the guests know about his future plans and projects

Natalya Chekhovskaya (goddess Athena) - principal dancer - has just received a surprise - a framed photo of herself with Choreographer Madame Phyllis Latin


The rising stars of the Russian ballet – graduates of the ballet school of Gennady Ledyakh.
From left – Alya Lapshina, Yana Vyaissman, Yekaterina Lazareva, Sergei Petrov and Dasha Lyakisheva.
They were engaged in Corps de Ballet in Pater Olympian.

Anzhelika Tagirova (mother Callipateira) - principal dancer

Miracle-makers of the costume workshops of the Bolshoi Theatre - Galina Badaeva, the manager of the women's costume workshop, and Olga Udod, designer of the costumes

Maksim Gerasimov (son Dorieus) - principal dancer - and his wife, Alexandra Lezina (principal dancer with
the Moscow Classical ballet)

Boris Akopov and Sergei Petrov (friends of Dorieus) - young dancers of the Moscow Classical Ballet

Natalya Chekhovskaya - prima ballerina of Russian ballet -
holds the highest artistic title awarded in Russia -
"People`s Artist of Russia"

Gennady Ledyakh thanking Bob Hoffman for the contribution Bob has just made to Moscow Classical School.
Gennady and his wife Larissa (at left) are Directors of the School. Their young daughter (far left) observes the scene

Bob addressing the Reception with Helen interpreting

Bob in humorous conversation with (from left) Dasha, Alya and Yekaterina

Bob and Vasily Polushin discussing something humorous

Galina Badaeva, manager of the ladies costume workshop, and Natalya Chekhovskaya – in discussion

Gennady Ledyakh and Tatiana Birukova-Konstantinova recalling the “good old days”

Irina Mikhailova (left) and Zhanna Chuvarova – both members of the Pater Olympian Group - contemplating

Helen and Bob with the costume designer Olga Udod - enjoying themselves

Yekaterina, Sergei and Dasha with happy smiles

Tatiana (Tanya) Konstantinova – member of the Pater Olympian Group – aspiring and talented artist,
designer and photographer