Third Reunion Reception held September 5, 2008 at Hotel Marriott Tverskaya in Moscow

Linda and Bob Hoffman – Linda Hoffman is retired Professor of Chemistry at City University of New York. It is Linda’s first time in Russia - she is an honored guest at the Reception

Bob and Helen Rudneva – Bob addressing the Reception with Helen (Bob’s principal advisor and colleague) interpreting in Russian for the guests

Is this an important group? - from left to right – Vasily Polushin , Natalya Chekhovskaya, Bob, Linda, Gennady Ledyakh, Larissa Ledyakh and Helen Rudneva

Natalya and Vasily listening intently

Oleg Boyko (left) and Andrei Spiridonov (right) providing soft background music at the Reception – Oleg, with a lute-like guitar, Andrei with cello. Together they are a Chamber Ensemble “Soloists of Baroque” who perform authentic age-old music.

Bob Hoffman and Nicolas Kipper socializing in good spirits. Nicolas, an invited guest and friend, is the General Manager of Hotel Moscow Marriott Tverskaya where the Reception took place. Marriott Tverskaya is the only hotel in Moscow where Bob has ever stayed in his many long trips to Russia

Linda and Gennady, as “friends” - under Helen’s watchful eye

Bob in serious discussion with Farkhad Sasylukov with Helen interpreting. Farkhad had been Deputy Director of the Russian State Academic Youth Theatre where the performances of the Ballet took place in December 2002. He is now Deputy Director of the Bakhrushin State Theatre Museum in Moscow.

Linda with Tatiana Birukova-Konstantinova. Tatiana Birukova-Konstantinova, is the mother of Tatiana (Tanya) Konstantinova - and the wife of the late Feodor Denisovich Konstantinov (1910-1997), People’s Artist of Russia. Among Tatiana's cultural activities, she is a philologist and researcher of the early period of the biography of F.M. Dostoyevsky.

Linda and Bob musing about something

From the left: Maksim Gerasimov with his wife Alexandra Lezina, Sergei Petrov, dancer at Moscow Classical Ballet, Darya (Dasha) Lyakisheva, a leading principal dancer at Moscow Classical Ballet with her husband alongside

Valentina (Valya) Yalovega with Andrei Rudnev. Valya, an invited guest, is a marketing manager by profession. Andrei is the son of Helen Rudneva - he is a general practicing dentist and dental surgeon.

Olga Pshenitsyna (left) and Olga Ivashova – Olga Pshenitsyna is a Television Journalist and Olga Ivashova is a Tourist Guide –both took part in a number of different activities during the production and staging of the Ballet in 2002.

From left to right – Tatiana Birukova-Konstantinova, Galina Badaeva, Olga Udod and Marina Akhmeteli. Galina is the manager of the Ladies’ costume workshop of the Bolshoi Theatre and Olga is the designer of costumes, including the costumes in Pater Olympian. Marina, an invited guest, is Senior Teacher at the New Russia University

Bob Hoffman giving an honor to and extolling the virtues of Gennady and Larissa Ledyakh, while Natalya Chekhovskaya who already received an honor looks on

Gennady and Larissa listening intently to Bob’s speech honoring them

Bob giving his opinion to Maksim

Linda and Maksim in friendly conversation (in English) – Linda and Maksim know each other quite well since Maksim was a guest twice at Linda’s (and Bob’s) home in New York

From left to right – Linda, Valya, Tatiana, Bob and Andrei paying heed to something happening at the Reception

Bob considering what Linda was telling him

Tatiana (Tanya) Konstantinova – Artist, Designer and Photographer – the Official Photographer at the Reception. Tanya is Artistic Advisor to Bob Hoffman