Fourth Reunion Reception held May 21, 2010 at Hotel Marriott Tverskaya in Moscow

Featuring the Private Viewing of the DVD of the World Premiere of the ballet PATER OLYMPIAN

More than seven years had passed following the December 6, 2002 World Premiere performance of the Ballet in Moscow, whereupon Bob Hoffman decided it was time to give back to those who helped so much in the success of the project. Accordingly he invited a group (about 20 persons) of artistic friends to the 4th Reunion Reception for a private viewing of the newly created DVD of the Premiere, the first such viewing of the DVD in Russia. The Reception took place in the beautiful open atrium of Hotel Marriott Tverskaya where the group was first served with a beautiful buffet consisting of an array of delicious cold and warm hors d’oeuvres and a variety of dinner dishes with selected bartended wine.

The group then took seats in front of a wide television screen where the DVD would be played. Following Bob’s greeting remarks the group sat silently transfixed on the playing of the DVD for about an hour as it viewed the thrilling Premiere performance of the Ballet integrated seamlessly with awesome voiceovers as well as Bob’s introductory and post-performance remarks live on screen.

At the close, the audience rose with applause with some making short speeches in regard to the excellence and professionalism of what they had just enjoyably witnessed (the DVD) and thanking and congratulating Bob for his never-ending efforts in the field of ballet over the previous 10 years and for bringing the attending group of ballet lovers together as friends time and time again at such wonderful Reunions. The group concluded by asking Bob when the Sequel to Pater Olympian would be written.

And now some selected photos of this special 4th Reunion Reception.


Bob Hoffman preparing the equipment for the DVD presentation prior to the guests arriving. Note the Ballet Logo at the upper screen and the spectacular backdrop at the lower one.


Elena, Bob, Marina Grudeva, Irina Chobanou and Katya Belova. Marina Grudeva works at a transport company, Irina Chobanou is a psychotherapist and Katya Belova, a student at the Moscow State University. Everybody looks forward to the premiere of the DVD.


Bob Hoffman and Gennady Ledyakh. “Nobody will break our strong handshake!”


Bob to Maxim – “Maxim, are you not sorry you have quit ballet?”


Gennady and Larissa Ledyakh to Bob – “Bob, why have you failed again to bring Linda to Moscow?”


Bob Hoffman, Andrew Roudnev, Anna Klimova and Maxim Gerasimov. “It is great to meet again with such an interesting agenda.” Andrew Roudnev and Anna Klimova are young dentists and ballet friends.


Before the DVD presentation, Bob's introductory remarks in which he tells the audience about his plans. Note the Logo of “Pater Olympian” at the upper screen.


Bob Hoffman tells about the creation of the DVD with Elena Roudneva translating into Russian.


And … here is the premiere! The first ballet scene is at the screen.


“Each time we see this ballet it is as if it were for the first time!” Gennady and Larissa Ledyakh had attended the Premiere in December 2002.


Attention of everybody is compelled to the screen. The premiere carries your imagination away.


Bob after the presentation of the DVD – “Believe me, my friends, creation of the ballet in Russia changed my life and I came to love Russia too”


Bob Hoffman – “You are the first to see the DVD of the ballet in Russia”


Bob Hoffman, Elena Roudneva and Gennady Ledyakh. People of art have a lot of ideas to consider.


Maxim Gerasimov shares his impressions of the DVD ballet. At the background Elena Roudneva translates Maxim’s speech to Bob. The public follows the talk attentively.


Farkhad Sasykulov asks Bob about his future plans.


Bob and Natalya Chekhovskaya, the Russian ballet star and director of the ballet school ”Nutcracker.” Natalya talks after the presentation of the DVD.


Ira Mikhailova and Valya Yalovega – young Russia, successful businesswomen.


Gennady Ledyakh, Larissa Ledyakh and Elena Roudneva. Gennady and Larissa Ledyakh are directors of the leading Ballet school in Moscow.


From right to left – Farkhad Sasykulov, deputy Director of the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum in Moscow, Bob Hoffman and Alfiya, Farkhad’s daughter.


Helen Roudneva, Tanya Konstantinova, Bob, Ira Mikhailova, Valya Yalovega. We are here to see the DVD of the ballet, the premiere of which we saw at the stage 8 years ago. Friends and colleagues are together again at the presentation of the DVD.


Irina Chobanou, Olga Pshenitsyna and Roza Tagirova discuss the DVD presentation. Olga Pshenitsyna is a TV journalist, Roza Tagirova is the mother of Anzhelika Tagirova, who danced Callipateira at the ballet.


Bob Hoffman and Maxim Gerasimov. One can remember hardships on the way to the ballet with a smile, when they are bygone.