as of January 14, 2012

Robert G. Hoffman Productions (“RGHP”) has on its Agenda a great many new as well as unfinished Projects to be worked upon in 2012 and 2013. These Projects will be worked upon not only as in the past by Bob Hoffman and the Artistic Team but also now by a new Group of individuals called “Friends of the Project” (“Friends”). See the Article “Friends of the Project” where you can learn more about the Friends…including who and where they are. At present there are 4 members in the Group. However we expect there will be 5 or 6 members relatively soon with the likelihood that the Group will become still larger in the future. Of these 4 Friends, two are in Moscow, one is in St. Petersburg and one is in London. The Friend in London is looking to recruit a Friend in Paris and Bob Hoffman is looking to recruit a Friend in New York. The Friends will represent, promote and assist in carrying out the activities of RGHP not only in Moscow and New York but in the future in St. Petersburg, London and Paris…arguably 5 of the greatest Art Centers of the world.

Helen (Elena) Roudneva and Tanya Konstantinova will continue to be primarily responsible for the principal consulting management and consulting artistic roles, respectively, in dealing with Upcoming Projects, especially those located in Russia, with Bob expanding his activities to include St. Petersburg, London and Paris, with assistance from Helen and Tanya as necessary as well as from the Friends.

Upcoming Projects are as follows:

  1. TOP PRIORITY: The Sequel to Pater Olympian. (See Article “PATER OLYMPIAN (The Sequel)”) In Moscow in November 2009 Tanya Konstantinova introduced Bob Hoffman to the Director of a Moscow Television Channel for whom she had worked many years earlier. Tanya acted as interpreter during the two-hour meeting at Bob’s Hotel where Bob described the events that took place over many years in regard to the creation of the classical story ballet Pater Olympian, the scene of which takes place at the Olympian Games of ancient Greece in 680 B.C. Pater Olympian is presently a one-act performance whose stage duration is under 40 minutes. The story depicts a catastrophic tragedy in a Greek Olympian family played out to the heroic music of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. After a transitional “Dark Period” the Sequel mystically “jumps” through endless eons of uncounted time to an undated futuristic time...to a colossal event that shall have become known as “The Games of Elysium.” The Director was intrigued by the Story and suggested that Bob write and complete the Sequel by 2012 so that he (the Director) could be in a position to introduce Bob to high level creative talent and cinema producers in Russia for the purpose of producing a full-length Ballet Movie taking up an entire evening performance in the Theatre – for promotion and for the historically timely introduction of “PATER OLYMPIAN” at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in February 2014.

  2. TOP PRIORITY (continued): In May 2011, Bob and Tanya met again with the Television Channel Director at Bob’s Hotel. Following a friendly dinner meeting Bob conducted a showing of the DVD of Pater Olympian in his hotel business suite. During the review and exchanging of ideas that followed the Director made useful comments in regard to the DVD as well as creative suggestions for Bob to consider for the Sequel...with the idea for the February 2014 Winter Olympic Games remaining intact. Bob projected the completion of the Story and Scenario for the Sequel to the development point Bob intended for use by the producers as September 2012.

  3. TOP PRIORITY (continued - final): Throughout the remainder of 2011, which included Bob’s 21-day visit to Moscow in December 2011, Bob continued to work on the Sequel. Bob has selected excerpts of various accompanying pieces of classical music. He has outlined parts of the Story and Scenario. He has discussed the underlying principles of the Story of the Sequel with his consulting staff in the United States and in Russia. Bob has dealt with the quite varied but constructive input he has received. However, Bob reminded the consulting staff that he alone is responsible to make the final decisions after he will have given full thought and consideration to his future ample consultations with the Special Sequel Committee he recently formed composed of Julie Petry and Elizabeth Claire Walker (See “Current News”) who as a team are to consider all aspects of the plans for the creation of the Sequel. During his December 2011 visit to Moscow Bob received a breathtaking new idea from Natalya Chekhovskaya (Principal Dancer in Pater Olympian) relating to the futuristic Story...an idea to be acted out on stage that importantly serves to vividly complete the life-circle of the entire Ballet Story. Gennady and Larissa Ledyakh have confirmed their willingness to allow their Moscow Classical Ballet School to be used for rehearsal space and to allow the School’s senior high school classical ballet dancers to be selected and used to assist in the development of the choreography of the Sequel. Bob has not yet chosen the choreographer but he and Helen Roudneva have begun to contact Principal Dancers to take part in the development of choreography. Bob has tried to bring everyone in the Project into the process so that each individual participant would feel to be a part of this great adventure. It is suggested that viewers to this website access “Current News” from time to time during 2012 to be updated on the current position in the development of the Sequel.

  4. Bob intends to work with the Friends of the Project passing his extensive from-the-beginning Project knowledge and other information to them in order to assist them in becoming fluent and knowledgeable on all aspects of the Pater Olympian Project – both as to its history and its future. By doing that it will enable the Friends to know what has worked and what has not worked – and therefore have a basic framework from which they will be in a better position to avoid mistakes and make better judgements and recommendations and in carrying out ideas and decisions and/or handling assignments in regard to the Project going forward.

  5. Continue via the website to offer for sale the DVD of the December 6, 2002 World Premiere of Pater Olympian. As for the DVDs themselves, Bob has to make a decision whether and when to produce a large inventory of DVDs. This would be necessary to support much larger expected quantities of sales of DVDs not only in the United States but also through exports to Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and Paris – such larger quantities of sales hopefully brought about through successful Internet marketing plans by RGHP and with the supporting assistance of the Friends in those respective cities. The purchasing pages in the website will have to be redesigned to accommodate customer orders relating to such international sales and to provide the logistics and information to customers as to the method of payment thereon.

  6. Resolving the various logistical difficulties previously encountered in shipping DVDs from the United States to Moscow so that export sales of DVDs to Moscow can take place with the least amount of difficulty. In addition, determining and resolving whatever logistical difficulties arise in exporting DVDs to each of the new cities where RGHP will have representation by Friends.

  7. Determining the best way via the website or by any other means to sell Blue Books anywhere.

  8. Resolving the approach to best advance Bob Hoffman’s potential future involvement with the Konstantinov Art Project. Tanya Konstantinova has made some further progress in taking early steps in this regard but final resolution has still not taken place. This Project involves the graphic art and other works of art produced by the late artist Fyodor Denisovich Konstantinov (1910-1997), People’s Artist of USSR…the husband of Tatiana Georgievna Birukova-Konstantinova (See “Principal Colleagues”) and the father of Tanya Konstantinova, respectively.

  9. Bob Hoffman engaged the services of an advertising agency in New York beginning in 2011. Although the agency expressed extremely positive sentiment toward the Project during early meetings, no determination of an acceptable advertising approach has been made in light of the financial requirements expected to move ahead along the lines initially proposed by the agency. Accordingly, RGHP has postponed consideration of an advertising approach until later in 2012.

  10. In November 2011, Bob attended a Reception in New York City in honour of Nina Ananiashvili, one of the world’s greatest Prima Ballerinas in modern times (with whom Bob is acquainted) who recently retired from the world’s great classical ballet stages including the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and American Ballet Theatre in New York City. At the Reception, Bob met the President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce located in New York City. After some discussion and later communication Bob and the Chamber’s President agreed that RGHP should become a Client of the Chamber. This is expected to take place in February 2012. It is hoped that fresh ideas for the benefit of RGHP and the Project will come from this new association.

  11. Bob Hoffman has engaged the services of a long-time (beginning in 1981) business colleague and close personal friend in New York as Executive Consultant...and she has agreed to become a Principal Colleague as well. The primary purpose in this regard is to strengthen the core group of Robert G. Hoffman Productions LLC going forward. It is expected that her formal introduction as Executive Consultant of the Project will take place sometime in mid-2012.

  12. All earlier proposals previously brought to your attention through this website that had been under discussion for a Television Documentary on the subject of the “Life Transformation” of Bob Hoffman have been cancelled. Although there is still interest expressed in this regard, any further discussions have been placed on hold until further notice.

  13. No action has been taken as far as a Book being written on the subject referred to in Item 12 above. However, such a possibility has recently been seriously discussed and recommended by two of Bob’s advisors who have long believed such a Book could be successfully sold. Accordingly the writing of such a Book has been upgraded on the list of Upcoming Projects. It is presently planned that serious focus on writing such a Book will begin by October 2012.

  14. Timely current updating of this comprehensive Internet Website and carrying out the existing plan to expand the Website by adding a number of exciting new Sections – one of which to be a new Photo Section titled “All Around Russia” to be artistically designed by Tanya Konstantinova.